Imaginary Journey: future is a journey, discover yours with Assuan the fortune-teller

The artist Emiliano Ponzi will introduce the SS19 capsule collection for Mandarina Duck that comes to life with the sculpture by Mauro Seresini. The iconic fortune-teller of Brera district will tell the future to each guest...because life is a journey to discover!

The internationally renowned illustrator Emiliano Ponzi will be present in store to meet his followers and introduce the SS19 capsule collection he has signed for Mandarina Duck. The main theme of the journey comes to life in an original print and in the sculpture by Mauro Seresini, a very talented paper designer, who exhibits in store a piece of art inspired by Ponzi's Imaginary Journey.

To entertain guests the historic fortune-teller of Brera, Assuan, will read the future to all those who want to find out what their next journey will be.


Mandarina Duck Spa

Brands: Mandarina Duck Spa


Emiliano Ponzi

Designers: Emiliano Ponzi


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18:30 - 20:30
Other - The illustrator Emiliano Ponzi will introduce his Imaginary Journey and the iconic fortune-teller of Brera district, will tell the future to each guest. Because life is a journey.
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