A new moka is blooming

On the occasion of Milan Design Week, Alessi will present the project A new moka is blooming, the Moka designed by architect David Chipperfield. The concept around the whole project is to highlight the democratic soul of this icon of industrial design as the protagonist.

A new moka is blooming is designed under the creative direction of Federico Pepe, of Le Dictateur Studio, and originates from the desire of Alessi to renew an archetype of the day-to-day experience: the moka is a symbol of an idea that, though already perfect, can evolve over time to become a dynamic icon. In this sense, the new Chipperfield-designed Moka praises the capacity for renewal, for adapting to new challenges and trials, consolidating its role in the world.

Alessi pays homage both to one of the emblems of Italy, and to a project which is deeply rooted in the history of the Alessi family and of the brand: the first moka was actually designed in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti, founder of the homonymous company and grandfather of Alberto Alessi, the brand’s current president. Over 80 years later, the classic coffee maker is transformed, without losing its beloved and renowned characteristics, now becoming a new symbol of innovation.

A new moka is blooming is, on one hand, a reflection strongly linked to design and the theme of evolution of industrial archetypes, and on the other hand it is a story, told through a contemporary view, of the roots which identity the shared Italian experience linked to the ritual of coffee, culturally transversal, with the ability to transcend social origins and specific geographic places.

It’s a story of evolution, read through a new creative lens of the day-to-day: a reawakening of the senses and of the imagination of the taste of coffee.

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