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In the context of the project DOS_Design Open' Spaces Widespread District, in via Pepe 38, Isola area, the project "Isola Critical Lab" brings together several independent productions creating a network of brands, designers, tailors, designers, associations related to the themes of hand-made, sustainable, supportive, artisanal production.

Linked by the common thread of a critical and sustainable vision of fashion, of a production that cares about the environment and people, a network of brands, designers, tailors, stylists responds to the call of DOS_Design Open' Spaces to animate a former abandoned restaurant, setting up a lively and colorful temporary store where you can get to know another way of doing fashion. The program of the week is enriched with workshops and workshops for children and adults that will be proposed on the Instagram page of the event (isola.critical.lab) as "menu of the day". The delicious covered terrace of the recovered space will be set up ad hoc and used throughout the week as a space of "know-how". Aware that sustainable consumption in fashion also involves knowledge of the processes behind the finished garment, different workshops and techniques (patchwork, sewing, natural dyes, accessories, manual weaving) will be proposed to share with our audience the pleasure of creating and creating. 

The recovery of abandoned space also passes through art, thanks to the involvement in the project #ISOLA CRITICAL LAB of the duo Nabla & Zibe, present on the street scene since the early 2000s, and known in Milan among other things for their work Pensiero Fluido, which will present along with their other works in the mini-gallery set up for the occasion.

Lavgon Laboratory
Emina Batik
Gazpacho Shop
Kiyoko Osoda
Heka Couture
Tailoring Ismara
Nicoletta Fasani
Tarou Abdoul Djamil Gaye

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Quincy Torino and Blaze will present the workshop for children and adults entitled The Rags of Venus. Inspired by the famous work (La Venere Degli Stracci by Michelangelo Pistoletto) we will use scraps of clothing production, fallacious waste fabrics, out of fashion and set aside to express our creative talents: mixing the various materials, we will create to our taste a patchwork that will then be used to create a scarf, a backpack, or a shopping bag. At the end of the creative work, we can decide whether to assemble our object with our own hands or whether to leave it to the skilful hands of our tailors!

For the women of Laboratorio Lavgon, the recovery of ancient manual knowledge and up-cycling (i.e. the creative reuse of waste materials from production) have always been essential and fundamental values of their history. On the occasion of #ISOLA CRITICAL LAB they will present a workshop to learn the ancient art of manual weaving: with a small table loom we will learn how to assemble a warp and step by step with the weft we will create a fabric, which will turn with a little patience into a small but unique carpet!

Giulia Perin is an anthropologist and craftswoman. She has spent the last three years in Indonesia to study traditional textile design techniques, and during # ISOLA CRITICAL LAB she will share with us what she learned during her studies and travels, during three workshops (one for children and one for intensive) where we will learn the precious and ancient art of plant dyeing. For the occasion Giulia will set up a small botanical garden. A BAND-TURBAN WITH MADAME ILARY The turban is an antique accessory born at the end of the 19th century as a male accessory, then declined in different types in the female world. The turbans Madame Ilary are hand-stitched, created with precious fabrics of high quality, shaped and pleated by hand, for this unique pieces, his research lies in experimenting and always find new forms ranging with the use of different fabrics and materials. With Ilaria we will learn how to make one of her amazing and colorful turbans, choosing from precious fabrics the one that gives us the most! 

The laboratory of scartoria was born from the need to recover the scraps of fabrics, clothes, ribbons trimmings of our daily use. Normally we consider the waste a defect, an excess that is not necessary, devoid of value: with Nicoletta Fasani we will learn to make a beautiful necklace using our creativity and recovered materials of its production. The workshop is suitable for both adults and children.

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