Openstudio 2019

Openstudio Conte Rosso 22

11th - 14th April 2019 (11.00 a.m. – 20.00 p.m.)
During Milan design week 2019 the space will be open in order to exhibit the painting of the artist Mr. Giorgio Braghieri. In the studio, it will be possible to see also the artistic project of the visual artist Mr. Laurentiu Craioveanu, former student and friend of Giorgio’s

Giorgio Braghieri 

Painting and drawings on square shapes are set up on transparency of a simplified chromatism: in a light background the greyscale and the shade of the humus are combined with the background of opaque blacks and floating like haze or clean and shiny like deep water. The Painting becomes like a force field under tension, in virtue of a way of thinking that describes stories of ideas and dreams, identity and desires. The research brought the artist to use essential and natural materials, old canvas and irregular sheets, colors are made of pure humus, mud, clay, sand and charcoal.

Final works “are like endless and silent expanses of a desert on which the wind reveals traces of buried cities… lost and forgotten that emerge in our memory, in the silence. (Giorgio Braghieri – by Rodolfo Balzarotti, Galleria San Fedele).

The choice of the artist to untitled and undated his works, respects the idea to not connect his works over time.

Laurentiu Craioveanu

Matter, through a monochromatic or based on different colors dualism, creates a complementary or opposition relationship, which take back (the observer) to nature and introspection. Contact with nature is realized through waste material that, even if damaging and toxic, produces uncontrollable shapes that stand out as landscapes on paper horizon. The research and the study of the exhibited projects reveal results of freedom and dynamism, even if restrained. Anchored to traditional techniques, the innovation is revealed in art and in raw material used.

Painting, in a two dimensional space, is strictly linked with sculptural art, and flows into a three dimensional space caused by release of the material used which requires a long amount of time. The effects of light and shadow are not given on purpose by the artist, but arise from brush strokes that produce uncontrollable shapes creating an inner and unconditional world.
Laurentiu Craioveanu (1987) graduated from Brera, works and lives in Milan.

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