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Fuorisalone. The board game of Milan Design Week
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Experiencing the Fuorisalone through a game, all year long?
It is now possible.

Fuorisalone.it decided to celebrate its 15th anniversary creating the Fuorisalone board game, a project originating from the desire to turn the amazing and unique experience of the Milan Design Week into a game, allowing people to live the most important design week everywhere in the world.

During the design week, Milan becomes a chaotic city where hundreds of events take place at the same time; will you be able to visit them all?

Choose the best daily route and collect design objects before anyone else, but remember you just have six days for that!

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The board game of Milan Design Week

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Box contents
  • - 1 Board
  • - 1 Timetable
  • - 4 Player pieces
  • - 161 Tokens
  • - 15 Location flags
  • - 144 Location Cards
  • - 1 Daily marker
  • - 1 Turn marker
  • - 1 Game rules book
Cranio Creations Srl

Fuorisalone board game
is designed in collaboration with Cranio Creations

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Authors: Cristian Confalonieri, Lorenzo Tucci Sorrentino
Illustrations: Silvia Gherra
Graphics: Andrea Venegoni
Game rules: Fabrizio Somma
Edited by: Giuliano Acquati

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