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Fuorisalone Digital

1 platform, 4 new formats

Discover the promotion formats enriches its offer with two new tools and two new channels in addition to the reference portal of the event and the magazine active all year long, with an editorial plan that presents the best of design, in Milan and around the world.

The two new tools Fuorisalone tv, Fuorisalone meets together with Fuorisalone China and Fuorisalone Japan channels will be autonomous formats but will all refer to the portal, which will remain the reference platform for the new communication project, gathering together all contents.

The Fuorisalone Magazine
together with the social channels, will support the distribution and sharing of content produced according to a dedicated editorial plan, also adding further insights related to the products, brands or designers involved.
The model we have imagined involves both the creation and the distribution of content, according to the objectives or investment of the companies involved.
With the 2020 edition is starting a new way to communicate the Fuorisalone and we believe it will last for the next years, when the event that we all know and love, will come back to life making us feel its peculiar magical atmosphere.

The new platform

Overview of the new offer with definition of tools, communication channels and content distribution methods between Italy, China and Japan. is at the heart of the system, organizes and presents the contents that are proposed in the two new tools and distributed through social channels and the magazine.

Fuorisalone Digital

The event page:
starting point and communication focus in the new platform

The event page remains the central point of the project also in its digital version.
From the traditional model of event page, we have eliminated all the relations with the context (territory) and the time (dates), in order to focus more on content and connections with brands, designers, categories and projects. We have also added the sections related to Fuorisalone Tv and Fuorisalone Meets.

This is how the new event card is born on the Fuorisalone Digital platform.
The new Fuorisalone Digital event page can be directly updated by the author (brand, designer, pr...) and will offer the possibility to insert all the contents useful to present new projects and product previews, by including gallery of images, downloadable files, related and embedded external links (i.e. video galleries from Fuorisalone Tv or webinar sessions from Fuorisalone Meets).

In order to improve the user experience and to increase brand visibility, the event page will be accessible from the events guide, through a search engine (that also allows the selection of contents for filters: brands, designers, categories, projects), from the magazine articles, from social post, from the newsletter and external sources.

Fuorisalone Digital

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