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Fuorisalone Japan

The design network
between Italy and Japan

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Fuorisalone Japan is an online platform and a consulting service that aim to communicate the best of Japanese design, creativity and lifestyle through the typical occidental language and design-thinking, starting with the creation of dedicated communication tools against the backdrop of its key cities, Tokyo and Osaka, in direct connection with Milan.

It promotes to the Japanese public the best of design on stage in Milan during design week and connects the Italian-Japanese design community into a single network, creating a cultural and commercial bridge between the two worlds. intends to represent the ideal container of all design projects made for and in Japan, strong of the relationship and of the privileged relationship with Milan and its Design Week. To achieve this goal over the next 3 years, Studiolabo will activate a series of collaborations in order to create an international network.

Why Fuorisalone Japan?

Japan today represents a strategically very important potential market, extremely stimulating and rich in contents, skills and craftsmanship excellences: a world that offers the possibility and the space to create important projects of great cultural and social impact.

In our experience in Japan we have noticed many incredible realities, present in different contexts but often without connection with each other and without relationship with western realities, especially with Milan despite the presence of Japanese brands and designers during Milano Design Week.

The goals of - written in Italian, English and Japanese - will not be a simple copy of It will be a dedicated communication project, organized in sections and based on the idea of commercial formats, whose objectives are:

→ Promote!
Opportunities dedicated to the Japanese market

→ Communicate!
Services that support the relation between Italy and Japan

→ Showcase!
The best of international design live at the Fuorisalone in Milan with a focus on Japan

→ Connect!
A single design network between people, events, projects

The aim is to make available from June 15, 2020 a section of the website dedicated to the promotion of previews and content produced by Fuorisalone Magazine and in order to reach the public of people involved in the Japanese creative field (architects, designers, companies, media) from our database. aims to stimulate the interest of the Japanese public by producing a selection of editorial content and promoting advertisers in order to bring traffic on the main channels of, magazine, tv and social profiles.

Commercial formats will be defined soon.

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