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Fuorisalone Meets

It’s a Webinar platform that can be used by brands and companies to provide for seminars and presentations, during which remote audience can attend and discuss. A webinar is a public event that takes place on line. It’s an opportunity where several people meet, via web, at the same time to discuss a certain topic.
Using FUORISALONE MEETS who presents and conducts the event can use different online tools, showing slides, movies, discussing with other participants on a public or private chat.

Today is necessary beeing able to offer Webinar tools, in order to invite and get to know all the possible future clients and the ones who already use your products and services.

Fuorisalone Meets
Using a webinar, the Brand can:

- Show products and services
- Sell
- Collect data from possible clients (registered users)
- Make known the design culture and the brand awareness
- Expand the network

Fuorisalone Meets will be active starting from May and fully operative starting from June 2020. Since today is anyway possible to buy a private “virtual room” to start planning meetings in collaboration with the staff of

Why use this platform?

- Because the audience of is the right target and is interested in your content.
- Because your private content can be easily communicated on tools (social channels and magazine).
- Because the platform allows you to profile users and activate open calls to find new customers.
- Because assists and helps you in the production and management of your content.

Commercial formats

The company buys a virtual room on the FUORISALONE MEETS platform (date and timing to be defined).

- A link to the webinar is provided.
- The company involves its audience by sharing the invitation link and registering its users.

The webinar is included in the schedule of FUORISALONE MEETS and communicated, unless the company wants to keep it private. The company will be able to decide whether to activate a Public Chat (with public directory of participants) or private chat (anonymous participants, can chat individually only with the company).

Additional options:
The company does not invite its customers but asks to communicate the webinar on its social channels and newsletters. With an announcement, invites its audience to subscribe, while seats last.

- Duration (additional slots of 30 minutes)
- Number of participants (additional slots of 40, for a maximum of 200)
- Webinar recording with video file delivery.

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