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Fuorisalone TV

Fuorisalone TV is the new format created to experience the Fuorisalone in a new way. The video becomes the reference language to promote live talk, product previews, films, documentaries, interviews, concerts, to be watched live or available on demand.

How to access fuorisalone TV

Hourly scheduling of streaming videos distributed throughout the Fuorisalone week.

A large archive of video content, organized in series and with guided viewing paths, available online from June 15 in on-demand mode.

Fuorisalone TV
A new promotional device

Fuorisalone Tv is a new device that becomes an integral part of the platform. Designed in order to increase the digital communication of the brands taking part in Fuorisalone Digital, it offers two different kind of presence by offering a live streaming schedule from June 15th to June 21st 2020 and a section of video on demand organized by channels and types.

The new format is based on video broadcasting, defined by a schedule of events with different formats:

- Something that physically happens in a specific place and time and is broadcast in live streaming and included within the program
- A video presentation of a product or project pre-packaged and and included within the program
- A corporate institutional video or documentary on demand
- Thematic series on demand

FuorisaloneTV is a collaborative platform that aims at the international diffusion of quality content related to the world of design and its community.

By taking part in FuorisaloneTV, brands, designers and institutions can expand their network, communicate to new viewers, promote their brand and open to new businesses.

Below we present the different forms of application, addressed to different subjects identified in:

Fuorisalone TV

Application formats

Contributors and Cultural Partners can become important players on FuorisaloneTV with one or more video contributions, which can be exclusive previews or films previously made and presented on other channels.

Some examples?
Brands and designers can promote interviews, talks, product previews, company presentations, lectures, reports of their activities, single speeches, round tables, documentaries, live performances, presentation of projects made for clients.

How to enjoy the videos on FuorisaloneTV
- Live on schedule
- On demand from the catalogue
- Both Live on schedule and On demand from the catalogue for an unlimited period of time.

What can the production of the videos be?
- Self-production by the Contributor or Cultural Partner
- Pre-production* by Fuorisalone TV
- Live production* by Fuorisalone TV

* see slide detail Production and distribution by FuorisaloneTV

What are the visibility levels on Fuorisalone TV?
- Base (on demand and/or Live schedule)
- Highlight (additional option)
- Video of the day on schedule (additional option)
- Banner on video card (additional option)

Discover communication formats

Fuorisalone TV web interface

the contents present in the interface are purely indicative and not definitive, inserted by way of example :

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