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LATOXLATO presents Cinecittà and Vestalia series.

Marcello, Massimo & Vittorio flower vases:
With its pared-down design and sophisticated detailing, the originality of the marcello, massimo and vittorio vases lies in its very shape. Its distinctive arches and aesthetic precision evoke Italian architecture, revisited here in perfect proportion to the scale of the product.
The stylistic choices making up this case reflect a much broader vision, however, and it is these choices that transform the classic conception of “vase”. Each arch is accompanied by two separate containers. A traditional architectural element thus liberates this common object from its traditional function and each piece contains multiple vases within the same vase. The material choice, ceramic, is another unique trait. This natural, living material changes as it is being worked to give rise to those tiny irregularities that are the unmistakable mark of a product of highly skilled Italian craftsmanship.

Sophia M, Sophia L centerpieces:
If there is one thing that sets Italy apart, it would be the piazza. The Sophia centerpiece was created with this typically Italian place in mind: while in the common imagination the piazza gathers the people of the town, our centerpiece welcomes the small, commonplace objects we use every day. This effect is enhanced by the scaled-down arches recreating a loggia, a structure that can be found encircling so many Italian piazzas, brought in to render this piece even more iconic.
The symmetry among the various elements brings the artistic details characteristic of architecture into this household object. At the same time, its subtle lines emphasize a minimal style accented with flashes of gold or silver. With its marriage of aesthetics, practicality and originality, this centerpiece puts a finishing touch on your home that is both elegant and eye-catching.

Vestalia candleholder:
Until just yesterday, there was the marble we are all familiar with. Today, this candelabrum has redefined the concept of marble itself. We have maintained the same chromatic beauty that has enabled this material to enhance palaces, cities and works of art for thousands of years, but the staticity of the stone has given way to dynamism.
As long as it remains closed, the Vestalia candelabrum appears nothing more than a monolithic slab. With just a few small touches, however, it opens to reveal a candle holder capable of assuming multiple forms. An object of design emerges before your very eyes, the charming expression of exceptionally skilled craftsmanship: indeed, the waterjet cutting technique used to sculpt the marble requires the utmost precision, while the absence of seams in the final product is yet another distinguishing trait that speaks to the heart of any true aesthete.

Location in Fuorisalone 2019:
Wallpaper* Handmade @ Salone dei Tessuti, via San Gregorio 29, Milan — Italy

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Photo © Fotogallery of Products: Matteo Imbriani / Wallpaper Handmade Exhibition: Alberto Sinigaglia
Designer interview

Francesco Breganze de Capnist & Virginia Valentini

Virginia Valentini and Francesco Breganze are designers and dreamers.
Italians by birth, architects by training and travelers by vocation, after studying at the Polytechnic of Milan they began to work in the United States. It was there that they realized two things: no matter how far you wander, your background will always be part of you. And, on the other hand, that sometimes you need a country like the USA to move beyond the usual frameworks and develop a truly original outlook.

Fans of 1950s Italian design, the two have different personalities but share the same passion for their work. What distinguishes them is the way they engage with it: one focused on instinct and the other on rationality, one with his head in the clouds and the other with her feet firmly planted on the ground, one who tends to get worked up while the other hardly ever loses her calm. Between one drawing and the next, they discovered that, despite these differences, they manage to agree on everything…everything, that is, except the next movie to watch.

Video shooted in Fuorisalone 2019:
Wallpaper* Handmade @ Salone dei Tessuti, via San Gregorio 29, Milan — Italy