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KCDF at Fuorisalone
from 2013 to 2022

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The Korea Craft and Design Foundation (KCDF) is the main body that promotes the craft and design culture of Korea. The objective is to improve people’s way of life through Korea’s rich cultural heritage in craft and design.

For many years we have focused on promoting our cultural assets both inside Korea and also internationally.

Cultural marketing is the future in terms of contributing to the national economy and many of our projects are aimed toward this goal. We organize exhibitions domestically and internationally, promote young makers and develop craft and design related products. We work across many boundaries from artistic expressions, reinterpreting traditional skills, researching on craft materials, preserving cultural heritage and developing entrepreneurship.

Our mission is to communicate with people through craft, design and hanbok.

We believe that culture is the main platform for enriching people’s lifestyle and for developing exchanges to share creative ideas.

Discover KCDF exhibitions at Fuorisalone in Milan


Korean Craft 2022 - Again, From The Earth's Foundation

The exhibition entitled "Again, From The Earth's Foundation" tackles the theme of respect for nature, bringing attention to the value of craftsmanship and the use of raw materials that originate from nature itself, in this particular moment of pandemic, climatic and moral crisis.

Korean Craft 2021 - All about Attitude

The theme moves away from crafts ‘of humans, by humans, and for humans’ and seeks horizontal and equal relationships between the numerous agents involved in crafting.

Costancy & Change in Korean Traditional Craft - 2020

This exhibition aims to raise awareness of the interior and exterior aspects of Korean craftsmanship that connects to life through keywords including shape, color, sound and scent.

Costancy & Change in Korean Traditional Craft - 2019

In 2019, the works on display portrayed the topicality and modernity that Korean craftsmanship has yet to discover, and showed what art will look like in its state of perfection.

Costancy & Change in Korean Traditional Craft - 2018

Based on the values and cultures of craftsmanship, the 2018 exhibition connects the daily life of Korea with that of Europe and prepares what will be the future tradition.

Costancy & Change in Korean Traditional Craft - 2017

KCDF assume una nuova prospettiva in cui ogni materiale viene esaminato da vicino attraverso i lavori dei principali artigiani del settore. Nel 2016 si inizia dalla ceramica.

Costancy & Change in Korean Traditional Craft - 2016

KCDF takes on a new perspective where each material is closely examined through the work of the main artisans in the sector. In 2016 we start with ceramics.

Costancy & Change in Korean Traditional Craft - 2015

190 artifacts from 23 authors in 6 artisan production fields, they combine the wonders of traditional craftsmanship with a modern aesthetic sense.

Costancy & Change in Korean Traditional Craft - 2014

In a minimal exhibition at the Milan Triennale, 21 artisans showed depth and the philosophy of the characteristics of Korean materials through their works.

Costancy & Change in Korean Traditional Craft - 2013

Eleven Korean works exhibited for the first time in Milan represent Korean culture of the 21st century, which the authors of each work have evolved by reflecting on their own lives.